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【体育外围app下载】靠电子商务拯救世界 Internet is a bane for developing economies

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体育外围app下载-Lastweek,jack ma called for a new " e-WTO " With the aim of helping small businesses get on the internet,As the best hope in the fight“Singles Day”is now the world ' s largest shopping Day,dwarfing even the United States”,“black frit marwin”在接到此次敦促的一周前,阿里巴巴(Alibababila阿里巴巴的社交媒体账号甚至中国总理李克强也会见了马云,主张希望“双十一”取得成功。“光棍节”现已沦为仅次于世界规模的购物狂欢节,甚至美国的“黑色星期五”也不足。

these are the latest manifestation s of a worrying obsession With e-commerce and the internet in Asia ' s largest economies . in March,Beijing if not more,Media attention as his address on sustainable development to the United nations days earlier . from the almost breathless manner in win and installing value systems in an increasingly ethically-challenged world . what the focus on e-commerce actually represents is the Y of the dedee 这是亚洲大型经济担忧地沉浸在电子商务和互联网中的最近一次展示,今年3月,中国政府宣布了新的“互联网Plus”计划,旨在持续扩大互联网连接。在描述该计划时,李克强总理以与美国商界领袖相似的方式提及“移动互联网”、“云计算”、“大数据”、“智能生产”、“物联网”等概念。

这种对数字化的执着并不仅限体育外围app下载于中国。印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)在Facebook总部与马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)会面,就联合国可持续发展议程进行公开演讲时一样,如果没有更多的3354,就会受到媒体的关注。在谈到互联网和电子商务时,有时很难从商业领导人嘴里不时冒出的“想法”、“共享经济”、“创造客空间”中分辨出是正确的分析还是可怕的投机。有人主张,数字扩张应使各国在部分发展阶段几乎超过——,投资实体基础设施,严重威胁生存污染,慎重管理资源,在挑战道德的世界建立价值体系。


对电子商务的关注实际上反映了发展中国家仍然无法摆脱西方对经济快速增长模式的理念和现代性的定义。 the claim that the internet will fundamentally transform development is unproven and untested . what is clear is that the internet makes consumpes iees现在引人注目的是,互联网使消费比以往任何时候都容易,更慢,似乎包罗万象。因此,分析人士开始确信,电子商务和中国的互联网巨头帮助“拯救”了中国的经济模式,使其不致陷入快速增长。However,this is the last thing China and other developing countries need .the reality is that e-commerce reduces the private costs of costs But little,if anything,to reduce its overall social cost . now,billity今天,当我们需要增加碳排放时,数十亿个地方生产的产品会跨越数千里,送到遥远的消费者手中,同时产生巨大的碳足迹。

另外,网上零售业更加着迷于依赖全球浪费性冲动购物,这种商业模式的推动力证明了3354“双十一”和“网络星期一”。Thus,E-commerce increases the divergence between what the individual pays and what society suffers . if one accepts that our economic modes worsens the economy ' s market failure . this will only lead to greater costs being placed on the majority due to the external costs central to uu Ed conned 这不是大部分人应该分担更大的费用。因为价格高的消费核心是造成外部成本。随着互联网使生产和消费更加方便快捷,社会保持消费、环境保护和节约平衡的机构——受到政府、监管机构和国际组织——的巨大压力。

the truth is that the ability to access Facebook or Alibaba is simply not a priority for a majority that has yet to fulfil their basic needs . how woull "how would the majority gain access to the rights of life-food,water,sanitation,health care,education-through e-。 “物联网”如何为全球贫困人口带来切实的发展成果?大部分人如何通过电子商务获得包括食品、水、公共卫生、医疗和教育在内的生命权?Hoping that the internet,by supposedly unleashing consumption and entre preneurs hip,Will help the poor is merely another example of wishheven in the United States,with its decade-long head start in digital connectivity,It has yet to be seen how e-commerce helps the lives of thebe repeated in the developing world where millions are looking for a decent job and still lack secure access to basic needs as well as the social safet Y nn期待互联网——能够通过所谓的释放消费和创业精神3354帮助穷人,这是另一个充满希望的经济思考:顶层有钱人在受益的同时,可以向穷人渗透一些利益。在数字连接领域领先10年的美国也没有看到电子商务对失业者和工薪阶层的生活有什么帮助。

——即使有任何影响,也抢了工作。因为电子商务带来的部分收益是以壮烈牺牲劳动者权益为代价,比传统低收入岗位少,工作保证和收益少。这不是发展中国家应该遵循的模式,发展中国家仍然有数百万人在寻找不错的工作,仍然缺乏满足基本市场需求的可靠方法,国家不应获得的社会保障网络也不完整。To be fair to China,Beijing has yet to reveal the full details of the " internet plus " plan or its significance in its future development plan公平地说,北京方面仍然没有公开“互联网”计划的所有细节或未来发展计划的重要性。


目前,预计中国在未来5年将在互联网领域投入约2万亿人民币(合3130亿美元)3354,这是巨额投入,但与中国将在环境保护上支出的17万亿人民币(合2.6万亿美元)相比较小。霍华德,The risk remains that China will be distracted by a lop-sided view of The economic benefits of e-commerce . this risk is not limited to chich such as the lack of consistent and adequate access to adequate sanitation and clean water . funding the pipes that would carry the latter rather ther PTT 但是危险仍然不存在。


考虑到后遗症,印度众多的现实发展问题——,如果卫生设施和清洁水的持续充裕供应不足,这些目标就会背道而驰。投资于输送干净水的管道而不是光缆可能是合理的,但只有对网络连接的投资才能更加受到政治家和投资者的关注和关注。(大卫亚设,Northern Exposure(美国电视剧),网络名言)The issues faced by China,India And The developing world have no precedent in human hiina这些国家的经济发展已经带来了广泛的环境退化。中国官方新闻机构目前用“世界末日”一词来形容国内的空气污染。

billions of poor have yet to have their basic needs met,Let alone share in prosperity . these are The people that those involved in " maker space但是到目前为止仍然是“非共享”,发展差距正在扩大的全球经济中,穷人没有什么可共享的。互联网一定解决不了这些问题。更好的搭便车消费是中国和印度最不必要的。利用互联网作为拐杖不能影响发展代价的艰苦希望。

By extension,China and India must have " dreams " that are bigger than the internet . they need to take the lead in figuring out a new model out进一步说,中国和印度应该有比亲吻网络更大的“梦想”。他们应该坚决寻找为21世纪明智地利用新的发展模式3354的科学技术,不要被目前经济模式缺乏深度结构的电子商务迷住,误入歧途。问题解决严重的问题才是要居住在所有发展计划核心的切实“创造性”。



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